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Sustainability Initiatives

Ways to be greener while attending the Conference

  • Do you want to help make GBTA +VDR Conference 2024 in Partnership with the Nordic Business Travel Associations | Copenhagen  greener? Commit to the following green actions as part of your experience:
  • Calculate and offset your travel emissions using the GBTA offsetting tool (in partnership with South Pole)
  • Walk or take public transport to and from all GBTA programming
  • Bring your own water bottle to all GBTA programming
  • Separate your waste thoughtfully and use the correct bins
  • Try an all-vegan or all-vegetarian meal during your trip to Copenhagen


Plan Your Trip to GBTA +VDR Conference 2024 in Partnership with the Nordic Business Travel Associations | Copenhagen 

Make the most of your time and ensure that you attend the sessions and events that are most relevant and beneficial to you. It also allows you to block out time for any one-on-one meetings or networking opportunities that you may have planned with other attendees or exhibitors. 


The GBTA Foundation works collaboratively with industry partners, governments, experts, and other like-minded, non-profit organizations to drive positive change for People and the Planet.

The toolkit guides travel managers in their own sustainability journey and empower them to partner with their colleagues, employees, and suppliers to reduce the climate impact of business travel.

The State of Climate Action in Business Travel. The 2023 Global Industry Barometer gives a pulse on the uptake of sustainability practices in the global business travel sector

Hear from GBTA’s Sustainability Leadership Council on what is needed to build a greener future for business travel.