GBTA Conference 2020 - Wiesbaden in Partnership with VDR - Bring Your Boss

Bring Your Boss (Buyer) A GBTA Direct (Buyer) delegate OR Non-member Buyer delegate, registered for the GBTA Conference 2020– Wiesbaden in Partnership with VDR, may also register a business colleague(s) or superior(s) within the same company to attend the conference at this special offer of €100.

A Buyer can be defined as anyone working for a company to manage, negotiate, direct, facilitate, their company’s corporate business travel and/or meetings program and/or policy, for their travelling employees. A travel buyer may hold this capacity in a full-time role or it may be only a component of their job scope. Common positions for a travel buyer include: Travel Management, Purchasing, Procurement, Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Security. A Travel Buyer must be employed directly for the company/educational institution/government agency they are sourcing travel for.

For more information on bringing your Boss to Wiesbaden please contact enquiries@gbta.org


Can I bring my whole team?

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