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Education Sessions Preview

Gen Y & Z Influencers: How to Bridge the Managed Travel Gap

The new generations are here and are dominating the travel industry. Get a deep dive into the habits of these generations and the impact they are having on managed travel - from new trends to increasing demands - and actionable steps to make your programs and products more Y & Z friendly.


  • Understand the generational needs and expectations for the 'new normal’ in travel.
  • Learn how to bridge the generational gap to manage expectations for them and yourself.
  • Get immediate best practices to prepare for the return-to-office and return-to-travel.

Data-driven innovation: Harnessing the power of the Total Trip

The super PNR has long been the elusive unicorn of the travel world. Fragmented bookings and disparate systems, outside booking behaviors and en route decisions make it difficult to capture a complete snapshot of the trip. Find out how companies are leveraging technology to map, capture and consolidate trip data across multiple sources. And deliver a quick, complete record of a trip, so you can drive meaningful change across your program.


  • Learn best practice to integrate non-traditional data streams into your program view.
  • Understand solutions to combat the challenges of the invisible, traveling workforce.
  • Find out what's possible when you can make clearer, confident decisions.

How to Use Digital Marketing Tactics to Achieve Your Travel Program Goals

Twenty years ago, choosing travel was simple - you called your TMC. In the digital age, choices are limitless. Business travelers are just like any other digitally savvy consumer, and if you don't use the same marketing tactics that they are used to seeing outside of your program to influence their decisions, you'll lose them to other channels. In this session, we'll talk about marketing strategies you can use to influence your travelers' buying behaviors and build a future-fit traveler engagement strategy.


  • Discover the marketing tactics used by today's leading digital brands.
  • Learn how to use those tactics in your program to achieve a wide variety of goals.
  • Understand how your peers have leveraged marketing tactics in their own programs.

Partnering With Travel Managers To Improve Health Of Your Traveling Team

Did you know that health insurance claims rates are 80% higher for traveling males and 18% for female travelers than for their non-traveling peers and they lose 8 productivity hours per trip? Travel managers need you to define new solutions and take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and boost productivity. Join us, we'll teach you how to create travel wellness to improve your traveling employee's health and lower the cost of your health insurance premiums. We'll also show you how to optimize suppliers' contracts. It's a win win!


  • Analyze why travelers experience poorer health than their non-traveling counterparts.
  • Discover the 5 key problems Travel Managers are facing and why they need your help.
  • Understand how to put in place the foundations for an effective decarbonization strategy.

3 Steps towards Decarbonizing the Travel Program: A Framework for Action

As companies commit to net-zero, business travel is on the front line when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Travel buyers are asking how they can translate targets into actions that deliver CO2 reductions - while keeping business travel moving. This session will set out a practical, realistic 3-step framework that buyers can use to design and execute an effective decarbonization strategy. By leading on sustainability and being able to demonstrate results - travel buyers can be seen as change agents.


  • Learn how to build a framework to advance decarbonization in your travel program.
  • Discover what practical levers are currently available to help you decarbonize travel.

Let's Get Digital! Building the Customer Experience Your Travelers Deserve

Flexibility and agility of travel programs to match the evolving needs of travelers should be at the forefront of any sound corporate travel strategy. In this session, we'll discuss how you can design the customer experience journey you want your end travelers to have, how to strategically integrate this journey into the broader company ecosystem, and how to build the business case to your senior leaders on why this journey is critical to the success and efficacy of your corporate travel program.


  • Examine the end to end customer journey your travelers take now.
  • Compare and design what an ideal future state could be.
  • As a team, we will sketch out the ideal future state experience we want our travelers to have.

How to write the perfect RFP and choose your Travel & Expense solution?

Choosing the right Travel & Expense platform is critical to a business. But with many integrations, features and supports available, finding the right solution can be complex. Writing a Request for Proposal, or RFP, can increase the chances of getting the services and expertise needed, provided to be clear about priorities, objectives and therefore selection criteria. Discover how to write a good RFP and choose the best Travel & Expense solution.


  • Analyze your Travel & Expense needs.
  • Create a detailed RFP based on what you’re looking for.
  • Select and implement the solution that suits you.

Hybrid events; the how, the why and the ROI

This session will explain the basics of hybrid & virtual events for those with limited working knowledge & detail the significant benefits to organizations. For those with more experience, it will deliver practical tips & advice for planning, delivering & evaluating even more successful virtual/hybrid events. We will finish by exploring the events of the future, in particular the metaverse - getting the audience excited about the possibilities it could offer in as little as 10 years time, & how hybrid & virtual events tech will become the norm.


  • Develop virtual & hybrid events with confidence after hearing about the different technology & tools.
  • Create strong content that appeals to both online and live audiences.
  • Prove your event ROI and track engagement.

The Impact of ISO 31030 on Travel Management

ISO 31030 provides guidance for organisations across all industries, on how they can better protect the safety and security of traveling employees. This session, led by Bob Quick, helps travel managers understand how to build more robust travel management policies in line with ISO 31030. PwC will outline how it manages the risks its travelling employees face. Peters & Peters will discuss the legal and financial implications of failing to acknowledge the guidance.


  • Recognise and identify potential risks and consequences for all circumstances when employees travel.
  • Gain confidence in building and reviewing your company’s travel management policies regularly.
  • Demonstrate that due diligence is maintained throughout the organisation.

What’s coming down the track for payments

Between regulatory changes and technical innovations, the payment landscape is changing. Hear from experts on Payment Solutions Committee and special guests on what’s on the horizon for payments and what it means for business travel.