GBTA VDR 2022 - My Conference Planner - FAQ

What is My Conference Planner?

My Conference Planner is an event management software that allows attendees and exhibitors to easily and efficiently plan their time at the Conference.

How does My Conference Planner work?

A directory and floor plan containing educational sessions and exhibitor profiles is posted on the GBTA Conference website. Attendees can then search and bookmark this content in order to view what sessions and exhibitors they’d like to visit once they’re at the Conference. Learn More

Where/How do I access My Conference Planner?
Why should I use My Conference Planner?

It’ll save you time! With hundreds of exhibitors and educational sessions to check out, it only makes sense to get a preview and bookmark who and what you’d like to do once you get onsite.

Do exhibitors see my contact information?

If you add exhibitors to your Conference Planner, they will have access to your name and email address. You decide who gets your contact information.

Can anyone see my schedule?

You are in control of your schedule - others will not be able to view your My Conference Planner schedule.

Who can make appointments?

Anyone with a My Conference Planner account can schedule appointments with exhibitors who have appointment times available.

Where are my appointments stored?

Your appointments will appear on your Conference Planner calendar.

Can I change or cancel appointments?

You can cancel your appointment by clicking into it from your calendar. From here, you’ll want to click the orange Actions button and select “Cancel Meeting”.

My Conference Planner Schedule Change

What happens if I don’t attend an appointment?

We would recommend cancelling the appointment, or contacting the exhibitor if you know you are going to miss an appointment. This will allow them to make this time available again for another individual to reserve.

If I select an education session on My Conference Planner does that guarantee me a place in the session?

Selecting an education session within My Conference Planner does not guarantee your spot in the session. Session seating is based on first come, first served availability.

What happens if I don’t turn up to an education session that I have booked on My Conference Planner?

The purpose of My Conference Planner is to assist you with planning your experience. Adding a session to your schedule does not guarantee you seating at the event. Session seating is based on first come, first served availability.

What happens to the information on My Conference Planner after the event?

The information you input into your show planner will also be available to you post-show if you need to access it.

Can I use My Conference Planner to make appointments with other delegates?

My Conference Planner can only be used for attendees to make appointments with exhibitors. However, you are welcome to add any appointments made outside of the My Conference Planner system to your personal Conference Planner calendar.


Where can I learn more about My Conference Planner?

ALearn more about the functionality of My Conference Planner here.
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