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Sara Digiesi

Chief Executive Officer, BWH Hotel Group Italia

Sara Digiesi is Chief Executive Officer at BWH Hotel Group Italia. 

She joined the company as Head of Marketing and she grown her responsibility areas from Digital to Sales, from Distribution to Innovation, from Customer Experience to Sustainability. 

Since 12 years she leads the company ESG approach, developing the Corporate Social Responsibility path and driving the implementation of Stay for The Planet program*, in partnership with Lifegate. 

Aside Stay for the Planet, multiple initiatives have been developed to make BWH agent of change in the sustainability area, just to mention a few: continuous training program for hotel staff, E-mobility partnership with Tesla in 2015, Porche and Stellantis in 2021, constant support to the Observatory of Sustainability, launch of Stay Plasticless in 2019 – sponsoring a new technology to collect plastic from the Italian seas.  

And just to mention some relevant progress in the Social area, the company proudly and concretely supports affiliate hotel to offer an inclusive and accessible Hospitality to All, in partnership with l’Abilità and City Friends.  

In 2020, BWH Hotel Group Italia received the prestigious Recognition Excellent Award for its commitment to Sustainability. 

Passionate for Sustainability in Business, Sara is now accomplishing an additional Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Green Economy – preparing to be one of the first specialized in this new field of Science of Economics Faculty. Before joining BWH, Sara graduated in Economics & Tourism Management from the University of Naples.  While a student, she explored different operational roles at hotels and resorts in Kenya, Dominican Republic, and Tunisia. In 1999, she attended a Master in Tourism Economy in Milan, at Bocconi University. In 2000, she started her carrier in Marketing at IHG Hotel Group, till covering the role of Country Marketing Manager for Italy and Malta.