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Green Initiatives

Do you want to help make Conference more sustainable? Commit to the following green actions as part of your Conference experience: 

  • Walk or take public transport to and from all GBTA programming
  • Bring your own water bottle to all GBTA programming 
  • Separate your waste thoughtfully and use the correct bins
  • Try an all-vegan or all-vegetarian meal during your trip to Brussels

We also encourage you to attend the Sustainability Summit on November 8 (this can be bundled with your Conference registration retroactively) as well as the Education sessions to learn about sustainability in the business travel sector.   

Ways we are making our event greener

With the help of our suppliers, vendors, and partners, GBTA is on a journey to make Conference as green as possible. With the support of Green Evénements’ Climeet tool,  we will be calculating our emissions related to this annual event so that we can benchmark our progress. Read more about our detailed sustainability initiatives below. 

  • Calculating Conference’s carbon footprint


  • Travel to Conference: Encouraging all staff to book direct flights, in economy class, where possible
  • During Conference, encouraging staff and attendees to walk, seek out hybrid or electric vehicle options, or utilize public transport
  • During travel to and from Conference, encouraging staff and attendees to utilize public transport or green options

Food & Beverage

  • Providing vegetarian options for each meal and eliminating red meat 
  • Working with responsible caterers who use seasonal and local products


  • Using digital signage where possible and recycled materials for printed signage and graphics
  • Encouraging recycling of signage/stands/other materials
  • Eliminating aisle carpet in Expo
  • Providing recycling/composting bins in various locations throughout the Conference
  • Increasing use of the GBTA mobile app, and utilizing electronic mail for marketing and communication purposes

Food & Beverage 

  • Using reusable or recyclable tableware and cutlery
  • Optimizing the quantity of food at the event through careful monitoring 
  • Eliminating plastic water bottles
  • Donating excess edible food to local charities
  • Offering recyclable and compostable box lunch packages
  • Composting pre-production food scraps and attendee plate scraps
  • Eliminating use of grease

  • Offsetting event emissions and staff travel

  • Using suppliers with sustainable policies/practices in place (learn more about The Square’s initiatives here)
  • Hosting our first-ever Sustainability Summit to mobilize the industry and help travel buyers and suppliers learn about sustainable solutions
  • Joining the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and facilitating a session to develop a Climate Action Plan for the business travel sector 
  • Building one-stop-shop for sustainability in the attendee app

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