GBTA VDR 2020 - Knowledge Bazaar

Knowledge Bazaar – a buyer only session

GBTA Conference 2019 - Munich in Partnership with VDR is all about providing delegates with up to date information on the latest trends and industry developments while also enabling them to extend their network by interacting and learning with industry professionals.

To support this mission, the Knowledge Bazaar – a buyer only session that will take place in the expo hall during which buyers will participate in up to three 15 minute sessions that will be conducted at exhibitor booths on Thursday 21 November.

How it works:

1.All exhibitors have proposed a discussion topic which they will host on their stand during the session

2.Buyers delegates will be asked to review the topics available and select which topics they would like to attend for each of the three timeslots.

3. Please note as with all education sessions places for each topic are offered on a first come, first served basis so be sure to get to your preferred topic early to secure your spot. The good news is that each topic will be run three times so if you are unlucky on your first attempt there may be another chance to participate in the 2nd or 3rd slot.

This is a BUYER ONLY education session – you will be discussing topics with other buyers with the discussion facilitated by a maximum of 2 exhibitors.

Getting started:

View sessions

If you have any questions about the Knowledge Bazaar, please send a new email to: cmcgavock@gbta.org.