20 Education Sessions to Choose From!

GBTA Conference 2017 | Frankfurt in Partnership with VDR will feature more business travel industry education sessions than ever before.

Tracks to include:

Shifts in technology and traveler behaviour has permanently altered the landscape of air transportation. Find out how to utilize data, metrics and more to effectively adapt your travel policies to accommodate the evolution of air travel.

Experience first-hand how multinational organizations have adopted new policies and practices to adapt the modern state of business travel. Hear stories of how companies have succeeded…and how others have failed

GBTA’s Committees will be presenting several sessions on the unique demands of their specific industries. Find out how travel managers in various sectors have utilized their industry-specific knowledge to overcome general challenges across business travel.

The modern geopolitical landscape has increased the role of communication in travel programmes. Find out how to incorporate mobile technologies, policies and more to highlight traveler/manager communication in order to meet company goals.

Effective analytics and metrics in today’s data-driven world can elevate your travel programme to the next level. Discover new, cutting-edge methods which travel managers have adopted to streamline their travel programmes.

The distribution of supply management has changed before our very eyes. Learn how the growing trend of consolidation has affected business travel on an industry-wide scale and the actions you can take to address these changes.

What does the future of the business travel industry have in store? Hear from industry experts on the forefront of the industry’s shifting dynamics on how the role of travel managers will evolve with the influx of technology and various other factors.

The GBTA Foundation will be showcasing research on industry outlooks, as well as several of its Travel Research Benchmarking tools, designed to help travel managers raise their programmes up to industry standards.

What are the biggest industry issues impacting business travel and your role as a travel professional on a day-to-day basis? Learn about the issues and trends on the rise that may affect you in the near future.

Event planning has become an increasingly difficult balancing act as new options emerge each year. Explore the various obstacles and opportunities, from venue selection to personnel management and logistics, which are needed to pull off the perfect event.

The roles and responsibilities of the travel manager have evolved to coincide with the shifts across the business travel industry. Learn what it takes to be a successful travel manager in 2017.

The convergence of new disruptions in business travel has changed the role of the modern travel manager. Learn how to address the latest trends and obstacles that have emerged as a result of the evolving responsibilities of travel management.

Discover the latest technological innovations that have changed everything from traveler behaviour to payment solutions. Find out which technological products and services would most benefit your travel programme.