Ramon Vullings

Cross-Industry Innovation expert & ideaDJ

The convergence of elements in business travel extends beyond the melding of geopolitical factors, new technology and the evolution of the travel manager. Different segments within the industry themselves are coming together to form new practices, processes and guidelines with the potential to benefit you and your organisation.

Ramon Vullings is inspirational speaker, an innovation expert with humor, enthusiastic master of interaction, business author on applied creativity & cross industry innovation and ideaDJ. Ramon believes that there are positive alternatives to the way we interact as people and how we shape organisations. Positive alternatives to change life for the better.

People who have seen Ramon in action, know what a performer he is. Seeing and hearing Ramon speak about a wide variety of creativity & innovation topics is always thought-provoking: you go back to the office with a set of practical ideas and a great number of insights to discuss with your friends & colleagues. Ramon’s presentations are always a wake-up call, making you think about many things differently.

What makes Ramon so unique is not only the content he shares, but also the way he presents it. Ramon is a born entertainer, mixing humor with personal anecdotes and insights in the way business & life intertwine.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of creativity and innovation consulting, in nearly all industries and all 5 continents, Ramon is able to relate to the specifics in any given sector, infusing people with tangible ideas, spot-on inspiration and actionable advice. His presentations are highly interactive (also for large groups) and are always tailored to his audience. The combination of speaker and Master of Interaction role is where Ramon excels. As action-advisor, Ramon gets very enthusiastic about: cross industry innovation, new business models, working on leadership and increasing the innovative capacity of people and organisations. Ramon is co-founder of the innovation network organisations new shoes today and 21 Lobsterstreet.

Besides his work as international speaker and innovation expert, one day a week Ramon teaches ‘associative thinking’ and ‘organisational sculpturing’ at the Bachelor study Business Engineering in Eindhoven.

Ramon has written a management book (Creativity in Business) on applied creativity and he just finished writing his new book on cross-industry innovation: Not Invented Here. He is also chairman of the (not for profit) European Association for Creativity and Innovation for sharing, developing thought leadership and linking the international creative community. Ramon loves to travel. Half the year he lives in Europe, the other half in Asia, working globally to service clients.