Partner Associations

GBTA Europe is built on a network of established European association partners who abide by the same principles.

  • Not For Profit - profits are used to further the aims of the associations rather than being paid to shareholders.
  • Buyer Leadership - each partner association is run by a board with a buyer majority and a chairman/president who buys or manages business travel and/or meetings on behalf of their company.
  • Common Purpose - each association aims to provide a service to travel and meeting professionals through education, research, events and professional development.
  • Experts in their Field - each partner association knows their local markets intimately, so the combination of partners allows any network member to get the most detailed local market information.
  • Membership Associations - either as individuals or as companies, in order to be a part of GBTA Europe you must belong to one of the partner associations if they operate in your country of residence. Membership ensures commitment and collective contribution for the benefit of all.
Membership with GBTA

Individual GBTA Europe membership allows unlimited access to the GBTA Hub and resources that provide you with the tools, network, education and training to do the best you can for your company and develop your skills and knowledge.

Join Through a Partner Association

To join GBTA Europe, and reside in a country where we have a partner association, you must be a member of that partner association.

Many of our partners include membership of GBTA Europe in their own membership packages. If you are a member of a partner association, either check with the association or begin the registration process to view the cost, if any, of GBTA Europe membership. Note, all memberships of partner associations are verified.

Join Directly

If you reside in a country where we currently do not have a partner association you can join GBTA Europe directly. Members from France can join via GBTA France Chapter- more information here.